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Pinkfresh Studio - 1/2" Blending Brush Set

The Pinkfresh Studio - 1/2" Blending Brush Set is sleek & modern. Each set includes (6) ½” blending brushes featuring a chic white lacquer handle adorned with the Pinkfresh Studio website in a modern black typeface, a gold ferrule, and high-quality vegan bristles. These brushes are ideal for seamlessly blending intricate stencils, working with multiple colors on a single stencil, or exercising precise control when blending colors into larger areas. Each Blending Brush set comes in a high-quality white box with a peekaboo window and a ribbon pull to slide the brushes out. There is a smaller version the ¼” Blending Brush Set that is available here.
Manufacturer: Pinkfresh Studio
Model: PF105ES
Availability: Coming Soon!
Expected shipping: May 29, 2024

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