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Pinkfresh Studio - Dual Tip Embellishment Tool


The Pinkfresh Studio Dual Tip Embellishment Tool is meticulously crafted from brass to seamlessly complement our diverse range of Studio Essentials products! The tool exudes sturdiness and high quality on each metal side, providing a tangible sense of durability when held. It maintains a balanced weight, offering a comfortable feel in your hand.

One side of the tool is equipped with a wax tip, perfect for effortlessly picking up jewels, pearls, and more, and securely attaching them to your projects. The wax tip is easily replaceable, and we will soon offer replacements in our online shop. On the flip side, the tool features a craft pick, ideal for removing chads from die-cut pieces, adjusting embellishments with precision, and more. The slightly rounded tip ensures safety, alleviating any concerns about accidentally poking your fingers.

This tool not only serves a functional purpose in your crafting space but also boasts a stunning aesthetic. It adds a touch of elegance to your craft photos, enhances the visual appeal of your desk, and stands out in your videos. The packaging includes (1) brass embellishment tool and (2) additional wax tips.

Manufacturer: Pinkfresh Studio
Model: PF108ES
Availability: In Stock
Expected shipping: May 30, 2024

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