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Scrapbooking Tools for Beginners

For a beginner scrapbooker, acquiring the basic scrapbooking tools and supplies can be the biggest headache. What should I buy? What do I really need? Which one should I choose from the vast selection? Do I really need to get everything? Where should I buy them? Do these questions sound familiar? If yes, you're in the right place!

In this article, I'll explain what you actually need if you've decided to delve into this special hobby called scrapbooking. It's true that you can scrapbook with just scissors, glue, a few papers, and photos. However, the choice of materials matters. If you want to enhance the quality of your creations and even save some time, it's worth investing in a few quality scrapbooking tools. It's always wise to invest in the right scrapbooking tools as they are likely to make the process of creating easier and faster for many years to come. Below, I'll list some of my favorite basic supplies that I've been using with complete satisfaction for years.

What essential scrapbooking tools do you need?

Glue for scrapbooking

Although it may not seem important, the quality and type of glue play a crucial role in scrapbooking, making it one of the most important scrapbook tools. Unfortunately, not all glues are suitable; it's important that they are acid-free and photo-safe. With inadequate quality glue, the album assembled over long hours of work could fall apart, and the colors of the photos could deteriorate over the years. Just imagine how unpleasant it would be if the album, lovingly prepared as a gift, fell apart when presented. This can be avoided by using glue specifically designed for scrapbooking. You can choose between liquid and double-sided adhesive tape. I find liquid glue to be the most reliable, applying it everywhere for added security. I also find it very useful for attaching small elements. With its thin nozzle, it can be dispensed accurately. When selecting liquid glue, make sure it dries clear, so any spills remain unnoticed. Double-sided adhesive tape comes in rolls and roller forms. I primarily use it for attaching larger paper pieces and photos. Although a glue roller requires a small financial investment, the comfort and speed it provides can quickly become habitual and loved. The third type of adhesive is the 3D adhesive foam pads, which are my personal favorite. These are double-sided adhesive foam pads with which beautiful layers can be created. They can be used to highlight a photo or decorative element. We've put together a starter adhesive kit that includes all three types of adhesive.

Paper trimmer or cutting board for scrapbooking

Today, I can't imagine scrapbooking without a paper trimmer. It's one of the most useful scrapbooking tools. With it, you can quickly and accurately cut paper to size. Most trimmers measure in centimeters and inches. Don't be intimidated by inches; with a little practice, you'll quickly get the hang of it. It's worth considering inches because most foreign tutorials also use this unit. There are two types of paper trimmers: sliding and guillotine. Which one you prefer is a matter of taste. Another thing to consider before purchasing is the size. It's recommended to choose one that accommodates 12x12 inch paper. However, for travel, workshops, or small projects, a mini version is also suitable.

Craft knife, metal ruler, and cutting mat

Even without a paper trimmer, you can still cut straight using a sharp craft knife, metal ruler, and self-healing cutting mat. This method requires more precision and can slow down the workflow, yet it's a cheap alternative to achieving a neat and clean result. The craft knife can be used not only with a ruler but also for freehand cutting.

Scissors for paper cutting

If you have a good paper trimmer, you won't need scissors as often, but it's worth getting a sharp and high-quality pair for cutting smaller shapes. For the currently popular fussy cutting - cutting patterns from scrapbook papers - I use the We R Memory Keepers spring-action scissors, also known as detail scissors. With this model, nothing presses against your fingers; cutting with it is a real pleasure. It's important to hold the scissors well and cut with the edge.

Scoring board

At first, a scoring board may seem unnecessary, but eventually, everyone realizes how practical it is, and while it's possible to live without it, it's not advisable. The scoring board is most commonly used for creating fold lines on cards and albums. It's recommended to get one because using it prevents the paper from tearing or breaking, resulting in very neat and professional folds. The board comes in two sizes; those planning for the long term are recommended to go for the 12x12 inch scoring board. The smaller 6x8 inch scoring board is more suitable for card-making or very small scrapbook albums. It can be practical to get a We R Memory Keepers scoring board that also functions as a 2-in-1 trimmer.

Where should you buy the essential scrapbooking tools?

It's advisable to acquire the necessary tools for scrapbooking from a webshop that specifically offers supplies for scrapbooking. At Pink and Paper Webstore, we offer only tried and tested American and European scrapbook tools that we have been using for years. Besides excellent quality and practicality, the design and appearance of the tools are important to us. The scrapbook tools available here are modern, sleek, and trendy to complement your creative corner.

I'll be back soon with another article, in which I'll introduce what additional tools are worth acquiring if you already have the basic scrapbook supplies and want to expand your collection.